Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fuck Yeah Fest

If you haven't heard about this (and you uber lurve power pop!) then consider this the reminder of a lifetime! Tomorrow, the Fuck Yeah Fest (aka F-Yeah Fest for retarded censorship purposes) is rolling through Atlanta! Pop and comedy and drinks at the Whirlyball?! Who could ask for more!

Tix are available at Criminal Records or you order them online at Ticket Alternative's website. Good people working over there. The guy I used to intern for actually works there now. But you don't care about my career history.

You care about this fabuloso lineup!

Matt & Kim
Team Robespierre

Comedy by Josh Fadem

The show is all-ages so bring your little kids and then make them stand in the lobby while you dance your ass off! Fuck yeah!! DOORS AT 8 PM!!!

I've got my bright purple H&M leggings and rainbow colored top! Are you ready? Get ready!

Now I'm going to go back to watching this Doctor Who marathon on SciFi!