Monday, June 9, 2008

Myspace...The Movie

When I was a sophomore, or thereabouts, in high school, my friends and I pretty much had residencies on Myspace. We were ALLZ about browsing through people's top8s, even if we didn't know them, just to pass the time. We even had our own Myspace for just the four of us and we just commented and talked amongst ourselves. Yeah, that's pretty lame.

Don't worry, I have become much cooler since those days. For you see I have graduated to this! To typing some words on a pink web page with a colonial looking woman in the corner of it. It's the good life.

Anyway, referencing back to the up top story, one, er (substance filled) night, while I was finishing out the jumbo bag of M&Ms and we had Mario Party 4 and the N64 on pause, we stumbled upon this dude called P.Davey. He was like some kid who went to Wesleyan (the richie rich kids school), and he had a ton of movies on his page. There we found the Myspace movie.

I have seen this like 27238729207737 times and it is fucking funny. This has inspired me to go dig up some of the also movies we found on Myspace, so more to come. Hahaha...come.

I think my friend had the hot pants for P. Davey 'cause she sent him a friend request, but he denied her. She seemed upset. Whatevs. She just needed to get laid.