Monday, June 23, 2008

WTF? Blog Fighting?

It should be common knowledge to all you sassy Missbehavers out there that Sarah Morrison hates the word blog. Cool. So do I. So do a lot of people. But then I came across something that made me hate blogs themselves.

How did I come across this foolishness you ask? Erm, I was searching for a way to lose five pounds in four days. Shut up! I have to! My birthday is this Friday and I have a pair of high-waisted shorts I wanted to wear to my party. Yes! I had to buy them a size too small; they didn't have my size. It was an impulse buy, but they're very cute shorts...ahem. my quest for quick weight loss, I stumbled across a blog with this comment in the comments section:

I'm sorry but that was the most poorly written blog that I have ever read. Some of the sentences just run on too long. Besides from that, it is complicated and I don't really think that most people will understand. Deny my criticism as you wish, but I can guarantee you this blog needs some editing. P.S-The idea for the blog post is pretty good though.

WTF?! Is there such thing as the blog grammar police and I just don't know about it? I won't put the author of the comment here, but is he a professor of Rhetoric at Harvard or something?

This is what Wikipedia had to say about blogs:
Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries.

See that last part about online diaries? That means grammar, sentence structure, spelling - that shit don't count. People write what they want how they want. So evil grammerphiles stop preying on people that may have slept through 9th grade lit. Stop taking shit so seriously. It's not like all these 18-25 year olds are writing life-altering manifestos on the 'net. Chill the fuck out.