Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Be Your Own Pet Is Filming In MN. This Just In: Erika Is Still Hella Jealous

What the fuck. I love Be Your Own Pet. You do too, you won't admit it, I know, but you most certainly do too! I came across a Myspace bulletin from Nylon about BYOP and music videos and "we want you to be in it!"

That got me.

I clicked on it and BAM! like a sick twist of fate I read:

"Attention Minnesota: We're filming a Be Your Own Pet music video in your 'hood this weekend and we want you to come be in it!"

Flipping A. I didn't bother to read on because I was too heartbroken about the 'Sota thing. Why the hell would a music video of a band from Tennessee film in MN?! I know, it even made me use the ?! all over again!

Needless to say I am fucking disappointed. There went my chance to get discovered and become abso famous for just being myself like every other it girl, but fuck it. I will have to continue to whore myself out over Blogger in order to achieve said life position.

(I am just kidding, everyone)

Still, if you reside in MN, check this shit out. Yeah, whatev, you're welcome for the notice. If you get famous, email me and let me know so we can hook each other up, you with free shows and clothing discounts, and me with VIP rooms at the club. We can work it out.


(Also, Sarah Morrison, if you are reading, I like Nylon, but not half as much as I LOVE Missbehave. Haha :)