Monday, June 2, 2008

Retail In Review: H & M at Northpoint Mall

Does anyone who reads this blog even live in Atlanta? I know like 89.36372946293022% of Missbehave readers live in New Yawk, and 7.28193907282% of them rep Baltimore. That last 3.92018786273028483% live, um, in New Mexico, I guess.

Anyway, here in GA, we never had an H & M. We finally got one, in Northpoint Mall, in Alpharetta. I arrived very optimistic, and excited, thinking, "oh finally!"

OK. Offish, this H & M sucks ass. The aisles are super tiny, and clogged up with less hipsters, more mall skanks and preppy college kids. I couldn't even move. And then I waited in line for 15 minutes for a fucking changing room because there were only five of them. FIVE. CINCO. CINQ. (5). Everyone was in everyone's way, the selection was terrible, and the jewelry section practically didn't exist.

You know what I think? Nothing compares to the H & M at the Beverly Center. Man, I used to hit that place up and ALWAYS find something hot. I rarely waited for a dressing room and the people there were 72939362930 times cooler. I loved it.

Sigh...maybe the flagship store in Atlanta will redeem their steez. Le sigh.