Sunday, June 8, 2008

Here Comes The Serious Bit

Okay, since I'm just stumbling over the amount of songs I'm suddenly remembering existed, I think I'm going to start a section for all these songs. Hmmm, what to call it? I want it be something obscure but funny.

I'll call the section Atlas Shrugged. There. That book never made sense to me, and it takes up approx. twelve years of your life to read. But the title is awesome.

So for this Atlas Shrugged I'm gonna talk about Death Cab for Cutie.

Back in the day, I used to serriously be down with indie pop. Yes, that is what Death Cab is. I used to worship at the feet of Camera Obscura, Mates of State, etc. In the old school days when Subterranean was an actual show and not just a mindless block of videos, I would stay up till 1 am on Sunday nights and record all of the info about songs I liked. The video for this song really didn't pull me in, but the lyrics are incredible. This was off their '05 album, Plans.

I don't really bother with Death Cab anymore, not for dislike, but for lack of interest, 'cause it's all starting to sound the same to me. But I will always love this song.

"I Will Follow You Into The Dark"

If you can't understand them in the video, you can get the lyrics right here.