Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yay For Crim!!

This is Criminal Records. If you live in Atlanta, you should be there.

The death of record stores? Psshah! They're totally alive and well. And even have a day made just for them! In compliance with the AWEsomeness of record stores 'round the country, Paste Magazine compiled this little ditty:

The 17 Coolest Records Stores In America.

Why 17? Who the hell knows? They're not in any particular order, although Criminal does come second on the list...not saying, just saying.

Check to see if your hometown shop is on the list...and then cry/grumble with anger when you see it's not. Because we all care this much about record stores.
Amoeba Records, Los Angeles, CA
Criminal Records, Atlanta, GA [read about Criminal here]
Other Music, New York City
Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art, Clarksdale, MS

Waterloo Records, Austin, TX
Aquarius Records, San Francisco, CA

Dusty Groove America, Chicago, IL

Ernest Tubb Record Shop, Nashville, TN

Shangri-La Records, Memphis, TN

Music Millennium, Portland, OR
Ear X-Tacy, Louisville, KY
Louisiana Music Factory, New Orleans, LA

Newbury Comics, Boston, MA
Grimey's New + Pre-Loved Music, Nashville, TN
Turntable Lab, New York City

The Electric Fetus, Minneapolis, MN

Jerry's Records, Pittsburgh, PA

Big ol' congrats to Criminal Records for keeping it criminal 365 24/7!!