Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wang For Cheap!

Gawd...NYC gets everything! Topshop, Miss Rap Supreme, and now...this!

If you're near Broadway, or, subsequently, Canal St, wear a pretty average size (2-10), and like high fashion clothes for department store prices, you can get your hands on some AWEsome apparel from the Alexander Wang Sample Sale! (cue triumphant trumpets and swooning ladies) Although Vera is my favorite Wang, Alexander's clothes are pretty boss as well.

The sale runs from today (from 3-7) through Saturday (from 10 in the am-7 in the pm). Supposedly, things are 70% off! Address after the jumperoni.

386 Broadway, 3rd Floor
Phone number is: (212)-532-3103, although I can't see why anyone would call for a sample sale.