Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Wanna Go Back To LA Now!!!

Enough trying to be brave and dour...I wanna go back to Los Angeles!! I am now okay with whining like a little baby to anyone and everyone near me about how much I want to be in California again. Who cares if they want to listen? They have to!!! Ughhhh, I hate summers in Atlanta!!! They're so unpredictable!!

It wasn't even remotely warm here until the end of May and as soon as June hit, the temperature went haywire. It's been 93-95 everyday since like, June 3rd or something! Wahhhh, I'm hot!! I don't mind heat, but it feels like the sun is trying to have a piggyback ride on my back. I'm afraid to wear pants because I will spontaneously combust, but I can't afford new clothes and I don't have any good shorts, except for a high waisted pair I bought from F21 eons ago when I'd planned to lose weight.

But this heat is so dry and brutal! It was supposed to be mid 80s today because it's gonna rain, but it's 93 right now! If I cry, will my tears turn to dust?

In LA, it is not going to get higher than 81 this week. Friday, June 20 in LA looks like 75. In ATL, it looks like 86. Someone kill me, and bury my corpse near an ice floe.