Thursday, June 12, 2008

This Is Yellow

This post is brought to you today by the letter G. And the letter L. And A. And S. And S. And C. And A. And N. And D. AND Y.

It's a busy day for letters, obvi. If you couldn't put all ten letters together (you need to learn to read), I'll help you. Glass Candy.

No, it's not slang for the shard infused candied apples mean spirited people (read:me) give out on Halloween. It's even better. It's music.

Glass Candy is some kind of something. They reside permanently in Hustle Town (where I happen to have a summer home) and probably spend their nights falling asleep to "Boogie Wonderland" in the rebuilt Studio 54.

Fronted by Ida No, a glorious glam goddess of the mic, Glass Candy makes electro music. But it's almost not enough to say they make electro music. They make something out of this world, really. It's sexy techno, it's R&B, it's got a little bit of pop to it. You want to make love to it, you want to skate in a roller rink to it, you want to blast it while your driving cross country at sunset.

I once read that Ida No and crew hail from Jersey. Then I read they were from Portland. No one knows, obvi. Their latest album B/E/A/T/B/O/X got an 8.1 out of 10 from Pitchfork. They pretty much stay out of the states when they tour, but they even have a date lined up for a show in 2010 on Mars! How bomb is that?! They're gonna colonize that planet before we can!

Their label, Italians Do It Better Records, is really obscure so actually getting your paws on anything Glass Candy is very difficult. Espesh trying to get any new or vinyl releases. You can get some of them here.

I highly recommend jetting to their Myspace and listening to the tracks that aren't readily available, like "Candy Castle" and "Beatific."

"Digital Versicolor"

Glass Candy: "Digital Versicolor"

Glass Candy: "Life After Sundown"

There's always light on the horizon.