Thursday, July 24, 2008

Be Our Guest? -- Boys She Loves: Alan Ball

Well, okay, this can't exactly be Erika's "Boys I Love" because I'm obviously not Erika. But still!
(If you haven't noticed, I'm kinda going for different ways to say "guest blogger" in my intro, never to repeat one. I'll see if it's working. I get bored easily, if you can't tell.)
In my opinion, one of the hardest crushes to suffer is the classic brain-crush-- you know, an undeniable admiration of a person's traits that leads to big attraction. As an aspiring writer, mine, hopeless in all forms, is probably the super-talented raconteur Alan Ball. Why so hopeless? Well, two of several reasons include the following: I am a minor and he is gay. Very, very openly gay, apparently. Alas, this is not enough to stop me!
You may not know his name, but you probably know who he is-- most notably, he wrote the unforgettably twisted American Beauty, later to create my favorite now-defunct show Six Feet Under. So it's been a year or two since we've really had anything come from him, but 2008 seems like it'll be a pretty awesome year for the guy. First off, he's got a new series about vampires called True Blood, which'll be interesting and is coming up on HBO this fall. Secondly, and pretty much more importantly, he's making his directorial debut with the controversial Towelhead, out in September.
I could tell you honestly that this year I haven't looked forward to any movie (besides Dark Knight-- which is interesting, considering the Aaron Eckhart connection) as much as Towelhead. Alan has a talent for making almost any subject hilarious, heartbreaking and unforgettably compelling all at once. As a writer, he is someone I admire so highly and respect so immensely. It seems he is always attempting to challenge his audiences, and there's not one project I've seen him do that hasn't stirred something inside me. I have such creative faith in this man and really hope his movie will take him very far. Plus, I can't get the trailer out of my mind! Watch it below:

So I know this isn't usual Disco fare, but this movie is definitely going to be hard to sell because of its bold show of racism and sex in suburbia, so I really want to spread the word about it, especially cool cats like you guys! I know this movie will encourage viewers to think outside of themselves.
This man has such creative gumption. As silly as it may seem, I kinda think that through his constantly provocative storytelling, he could very well change the world.
And if I ever become a zombie, he's the first person I'm going after.

Y Sarah

Any of you ladies got a brain-crush?


Valentina said...

Ira Glass obviously. He's totes hot in a really smart way.