Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Drop

MTV...we've spoken before. But oddly enough, you guys are not my problem. It's MTV2 I'm taking up beef with.

Usually, I don't mind MTV2. When it first came out, it filled the space MTV had left by playing music videos..alot. There were a lot of special shows that focused on certain types of music, and...oh then, Subterranean was still a living, breathing, thriving musical forum on talent, artists, and videos. Jim Shearer...where for art thou?

Anyway, fast forward 20 hundred years and you guys are nothing more than a born-again MTV for the alternative set. Granted, you don't force me to sit through marathons of Next, Room Raiders, and Real World at 2 am, but I do have to watch a hell of a lot more Wildin' Out and Rob and Big...for some reas0n. Whatev. Your scheduling conflicts are not my interest.

My beef is with this recent institution of yours: The Drop. You claim to be "dropping" new artists and then you torture music lovers by giving them only small snippets of the album during commercial breaks.

But you know what? I personally wouldn't mind The Drop so much if you didn't claim to be breaking new music when you're really just rehashing old school albums and artists for a new wave of "oh, that's indie" kids.

Take, for instance, when you guys featured Kooks. I'm pretty sure "She Moves In Her Own Way" is not on their new album Konk. It's on Inside In/Inside Out. I know this because I got that album almost TWO years ago. And now you guys are playing MGMT. Yeah, that's recent. Oracular Spectacular came out last year, sucked the music world's teet dry, and then retired to a comfy life of occasionally being brought up in the mouths of Brooklynites and neo-psychadelia enthusiasts.

So, uh, thanks MTV2 for beating us indie lovers over the head with music we were listening to back when you guys were still showing your Crank Yankers and Wildboyz lineup at 3:30 am.



Mz.Sullivan said...

OMG! That is sooo true! They did Santogold, M.I.A, Kenna, and fucking The Gossip! And they spotlighted these artists all in '08. I was bumping Gossips shit when I worked at Urban Outfitters three years ago. Don't have me get on the other artists shit I have had in my mp3 collection for a few years!

Erika said...

Exactly! They did Kenna sooo long after the album came out, like even MTV got to Kenna before MTV2 did!

Mz.Sullivan said...

LMFAO! I know right!