Saturday, July 12, 2008

Last Night I Dreamed...

Uhhhkay people. I usually have some pretty surreal dreams. Sometimes they're borderline acid tripping (the colors...the tastes...), but lately my medianoche motion pictures have been fairly normal. Funnily enough, they've been about my last day of high school, only each time the day unfolds differently. But enough of that. That's NOT the point.

Last night I dreamed I was at someone's birthday party and I was making out with John Krasinski in a shower. Then Reba McEntire walked in and made a fuss about my pack of Marlboro's on the counter. Then we all had cake.

So please, to help me feel less like a TV obsessed crazy woman, tell me about your craziest dream. Sex? Drugs? Rock n' roll? All may apply.

Thanks. I'll try to sleep now, but I'm afraid to.



Jessica said...

I had a dream just a few days ago that I was sitting in a chair and then all of a sudden my whole body stiffened and I fell out of the chair really really slow. And my brother was there. He took a picture of me with my own camera instead of helping me. :-/

Valentina said...

The craziest dream I can remember was this one time I dreamt my brother was the leader of this rebel tribe that eventually kidnapped me and took me to their lair all while The End by the Doors was playing in the background. It was an insane Lord of the Flies-like situation but everyone was partying instead of killing people. I wish I could describe it better, but the whole dream was just like so vivid, it totally freaked me out.

Also, the image of Jim Morrison's tombstone tends to reoccur in most of my dreams. It's soo creepy.

MACK said...

i had a dream last week (actually, a series really) of me and this guy that i used to be really good friends with (and had the mean crush for a long time) fooling around while his (now) ex-girlfriend sat in a chair, watching us wide-eyed. It was mad creepy and I kept asking him "Wait, Stop, why is she here? What is she doing?" And he just kept shrugging and it was weird. This chick actually hates me in real life too, ha.

Mz.Sullivan said...

Alex dream was funny. Anyhoo, I mean of course we all have had weird, freaky ass dreams. But the good thing about that is, everyones account of their own dream will be different from the next person. Hmmm....let me see. There was that one dream back in '97, when the members of Dru Hill ran a train on me...oh shit! I think that was too much.