Sunday, July 6, 2008

Katt Williams!!!

Last night I had the pleasure of watching Katt Williams in his American Hustle movie in the Secret Stash on Comedy Central. (I know that's terrible sentence structure, but as long as this guy isn't reading, I think it'll be cool)

If you didn't know, Secret Stash is like the time when Comedy Central plays a movie or some stand-up special uncensored and uncut. It's prolly the only time I really watch stand-up on CC 'cos I hate all the bleeps they have to throw in on primetime public TV. The best Secret Stash-es have been Comedians of Comedy: Live At The Troubador, Jackass: The Movie, The Roast of Flavor Flav, and of course, Katt Williams American Hustle: The Movie.

Let me just say I love the fuck out of some Katt Williams. He's funny and true and sometimes offensive and dude's perm is on point. I usually refer to him as the Dane Cook for black people. See, white people love Dane Cook. They can't hide from it. Embrace it. Once I was in the living room at my bf's old house and I said, "Oh Dane Cook is on."

At that moment both of his roommates (both white) sprinted from the kitchen, where they were cooking dinner, and plopped down on the couch in front of the TV.

Same with Katt. You can just say, "Ohai Katt Williams is on now." and black people will not even finish using the bathroom, they'll just run out to see him.

Black people don't get Dane Cook. White people don't get Katt Williams. Truce.

This is ONE of my favorite parts of the movie. I can totally relate 'cos when I took my AP tests I listened to this song on the way to the testing center. Black people, you better love this.

Oh and then I stumbled upon this video where this kid pretty much embarrassing himself beyond belief. And thinking he's cool while doing it. It's sad, in a funny way.



Mz.Sullivan said...

Thats so true! lol! Katt Williams is not so funny as he is truthful. He should be like an inspiration coach or something...I love his speeches...and yes speeches, on haters and living your life to the fullest. I also love me some Dane Cook...if you let go off the fact that he is can totally relate to his comedy...especially on relationships.

Anonymous said...

I hate Dane Cook. I hate him with a passion unlike anything else I have ever known. He is fucking awful. I like Katt Williams though...what does this say about me as a white person?

Erika said...

Prolly that you are the blackest white person ever. Welcome to the race!:)

Anonymous said...

It's something I've always suspected. But I'm glad to be here...white people can be really bad dancers.

Erika said...

wait, wait! katt williams has something to say about that too!

moral: all you need is drugs to have a good time! which is what i've been trying to tell people for ages now...

Anonymous said...

haha for reals! But I'm ALWAYS a good dancer, high or not. Kat Williams speaks the truth though.