Monday, July 7, 2008

Lily Allen's Hair Is Brown Again!

(img via bauer griffin)

Although Lily Allen is gorgeous enough to me that she can rock black hair and pink hair and still look good by popular survey, her hair is back to a normal shade: brown. Wig, extensions, Jezebel conspiracies or not, now I can go to sleep. Thx Lils.



Anonymous said...

Yay!! I love you Lily Allen, though I was kinda starting to feel the pink hair. But don't ever go back to blonde, or I may have to cry.

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the pink was so poppy and cute. Though I am digging the nipplage ha ha. Lily can do no wrong in my books.

MACK said...

she's like a chameleon. she looks good in anything.

lily is great. did you know santogold wrote her song 'littlest things'?

i just read that the other day in nylon mag.

do you ever wish you were british somedays? i think insanity is more normal over there.

take amy. she's totally crazy but everybody loves her.

britney, no such luck.

lindsey, no luck there either.

that was a total tangent but hey. lily has had her share of bad breakups and temporary insanity. we're so alike. we both can go arguably CRAZY at times but, can keep it together when need be.

loves it!

Erika said...

very true. i can't tell which side of the pond has crazier paps though. i think it's us. but dude, i've wanted to be british since the spice girls came out!

i'm glad santi wrote littlest things for lily and not for herself cos i don't think it would have come out as well if she were singing it.

Anonymous said...

My sister always says that I was actually meant to be a little British aristocrat. I think this is because I'm totally insane. Whenever I meet British people, they refuse to believe that I'm actually American. I love it. Who wants to move to London with me?

PS Did anyone read the crazy Amy Winehouse interview in Rolling Stone??

Erika said...

I wanna go to London with you! Ever since I saw What A Girl Wants with that hottie Mchot British dude in it, I've always wanted to go!

In the Rolling Stones art, was Amy as crazy frazzled as she was when she did the Missbehave interview?

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, she was waay worse. It was such a freaking trainwreck just to read.

OMG OMG OMG. That dude from What A Girl Wants is FINE dude. And here I though I was the only one with a strange crush on him.

Jtalk said...

oh it looks good she looks good with any hair color

MACK said...

yeah the spice girls pretty much confirmed that i wanted to be british. then degrassi rolled around and i wanted to be canadian. is that a good look? im not sure yet.

and yeah, i saw the RS article, Amy is such a MEEEESSSS. like a hot flaming mess.

But I love her all the same. It's like, I wasn't blessed with all the drama she has so I'm vicariously living through her. Everybody loves drama right?