Friday, July 25, 2008

Lifetime Honors Ma

In honor of Estelle Getty's timeless performance as Ma on Golden Girls, and her recent untimely passing, Lifetime is presenting a marathon of our favorite show, Golden Girls, beginning at noon today and ending at 5 pm. Don't sleep on it! Even though Ma is beyond awesome awesome, I love watching Rose...because I can relate to her so well!

Golden Girls marathon
12 pm - 5 pm

Thank you for being a friend!



Mz.Sullivan said...

Wow! Rose, huh? I am Ma out of the Golden Girl bunch. She will be missed. Every real chick needs some Golden Girls in their life. What people don't know is, that on the show she wore make-up to make her look much older. She passed away at 84. And thats how old she potrayed on the show, almost 20 years ago. Dope.

whitney said...

Yes, I am so relieved to know that I am not the only person under-50 that was saddened by the news. RIP Estelle. Anywhoo, I see your comments on missbehave's blog a lot and I thought I'd check out ur site...sooo cool! I wish I were half as cool as you when I was in HS...or now :( LOL. Cool posts!

Anonymous said...

aw, shit, my tv's broke .... waaaaa, can i haz a cheezecake now?