Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dip. Lo.

Current time: 2:56 am.
Show start time: 10:00 pm

This is the recount of the events that took place between those four hours.

First, we get to the Whirlyball. I am immediately bombarded by this surly dude barking, "Can I see your ID?" at me. Yeah, fine dude. I present said ID and then they proceed to mark me up by writing X's on both my hands and my wrist. Mentally, I'm thinking, just calm down. I won't drink. Chill, Rembrandt.

Noot D'Noot begins playing. It is doubleplus funky. Like, the kind of funky that has an A in it. It's FUNKAYYY. With three Y's. Yeeeeaahhh. So funky even the hipsters begin some noncommittal dancing.

SIDENOTE: I really wish I'd brought a Hipster Bingo card to the show because I would have definitely gotten Bingo by the end of the night. There was a white boy afro, PBR, an ironic mustache, hot Asian, Chuck Taylors, High Life, Parliament cigs, an 8-foot tall guy, and a 4-foot tall girl. Yeah, I would have won many times over. Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled blogging...

So after Noot we go into the back room and watch drunk people play Whirlyball. And then I run into Mathis, my old pal from the Selmanaires. We talk a bit, recount some memories, and laugh, laugh, laugh. Dark Meat goes on, but we don't go see them, we just stay in the back room talking to DJs and rockers and secondhand smoking.

Then it's...well, then it's Diplo. He comes out, tossing basketball shaped whistles and plastic covered CDs into the crowd. He starts the set with a variation on Bucky Done Gun. The whole audience begins to sway in dancing, oceanic, awesomeness. I sort of forgot a good bit of his set but I will run down the best songs of the night:

MIA "World Town"
Daft Punk "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" in some kind of Diplo edit
Outkast "Rosa Parks" and then "Bombs Over Baghdad"
Li'l Wayne "A Milli"
Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in some kind of Diplo remix fashion
Soulja Boy "Yahhh!" at which point everyone sings the "Yah, yah, bitch!" part and shakes their hands in people's faces for the "get out my face" part
Le Tigre "Deceptacon"
Mims "This Is Why I'm Hot"

And then people, Diplo plays "Paper Planes." Word! Everyone goes apeshit. It's amazing. Cue the gun shaped hands pointed to the sky. Diplo sprays the audience with silly string. He kills it.

I will have pics up when I get my camera back from my boyfriend on Tuesday. I currently smell like cigarette smoke and ganja. I'm tired as fuck. Sometimes people smell. Bad.



Valentina said...

omg, this seriously sounds like it was amazing!! I'm a little jealous right now, but at least next week I'll be able to see Santogold and Diplo at Central Park Summerstage.

At the concert I went to on friday I played hipster bingo! I think I'm gonna make an updated version to accomodate all the latest hipster trends like girls in granny glasses.

MACK said...

AHHHHHH I am eternally jealous! It sounded AMAZING but--lucky I live NYC...SANTOGOLD, DIPLO, A TRAK @ Central Park Summerstage for FREEEEE (acutally I think it's a suggested donation of $5) next weekend! Hella hype about that.

I met some people from ATL yesterday. They were mad cool and I was like, HEY Erika lives in ATL and they were 'Where?' and then I was like 'I dunno' and then they were like, 'Erika who?' and I was like 'Erika from the Internet. Do It At the Disco? MissBehave?' Then there was an awkward silence and blank stares. Then the dude was like, 'Wheres the grey goose?'

Overall it was a good convo, I think.

Erika said...

Hahahaha! That's awesome. Yeah, it will take those damned ATLiens awhile to fully appresh me and my awesomeness. But pretty much, no one knows who I am. I don't tell people I know about my blog 'cos then I couldn't talk about them on it. If you meet anyone else, I live in Metro ATL and my full name is Erika Isthecoolestfuckingchickyou'llevermeet. I abbreev to just Erika I. for convenience.

Anonymous said...

damnnnn i wish i was there - i want a basketball shaped whistle, and we coulda played some sweet Hipster Bingo!

Mz.Sullivan said...

Fun. Even the most thuggish dudes love Paper Planes. Shit is dope. Hipster Bingo.....funny. And who cares if someone don't know you! Thats even better!

Erika said...

Mz. Sullivan, wanna know the coolest thing about the Diplo set? The white people started Crip walking during "A Milli"!

Dook Platypus said...

what's up erika? a vain daily noot googling led us to your brilliant blog. Thanks for coming to the show. It was really cool to see Diplo in an intimate setting. Eternal Blessings from the land of Noot. OMG, LOL, J/K, etc. We got a blog too (, so that's how we learned to speak in acronym.

Lolita Hazed said...

OMG. Valentina, no fair, my sister is seeing Diplo at Central Park Summerstage. No fair. No fair.

Mz.Sullivan said...

Erika, stop playing. No, please. LMFAO!