Thursday, July 17, 2008

ZOMG! Champagne Shoes For A Beer Filled Sport!

Are you like me, and really like to go bowling? Are you like me, and have stupidly large feet that don't really correspond to your height (size 10, 5'7 WTF)? And are you like me, and wish they had shoes that were a lot nicer than the fug economy bowling shoes they dole out at the alleys with nary a care?

Then we should totes go bowling sometime! We sound so alike!

And when we do, we can wear these! High class, heeled bowling shoes that make it okay to go straight from the office to the alley. And in a weird way, they're kind of retro cute so maybe they might be acceptable enough to wear even when you're not bowling! New trend alert!

These fab shoes come in two styles (for those of us that like variation so subtle, only we'll notice it): Rental Red (above) and Black, White, and Red (below).

Champagne shoes for a beer filled sport! Now we just have to master bowling in three-inch heels! Think of the CRAZY antics that will ensue after a few pitchers!



Valentina said...

oh mah gawd girl, those are crazy awesome! We're so totes gonna have to go bowling in them some time. I'm adding them to my birthday wishlist as we speak.

Tyra said...

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Valentina said...

Holy shit, Erika! Crazy missbehave tyra person is on your blog now! This is scary, who is this person and why are they terrorizing missbehave and their innocent readers?

Erika said...

I know!!! I sent you an email!!

Lolita Hazed said...

OMG OMG I love bowling! Dig these shoes! And new idea...
Peach Pit Activity #1: Sexy Bowling