Saturday, July 12, 2008

Best. Saturday. Ever?

Alrighty Aphrodite, I'm getting ready to leave for the sweet ass Diplo/Noot/Dark Meat set I waxed poetic about yesterday. I cannot wait. Swearz, if you see me, please say ohai! I'm hoping Oh Snap! or Midnight Socialite will be there. Actually, I'm praying.

In other news, Missbehave is breaking it down on the East coast at Union Pool. The New Yawkers sure know how to make beer affordable. Little Jackie is also kicking it at Fort Greene Park. You should go if you know what's up.

Hopefully pics of the former two events will follow tomorrow. I also decided I'm going to cover more of the NY/LA/ATL party and concert scene, for the good of all of our social calendars!

And don't sleep on the new Batman joint. Tickets should be bought in advance!

Punch punch bitches!



MACK said...

Tell me ALLLLL about Diplo as soon as you get back. Like, as soon as you leave. BLOGBLOGBLOG. Thankssss.

Lolita Hazed said...

I'm a really big closet nerd. I am a little bit TOO excited for The Dark Knight. I might even cry...