Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Savage Sunshine

(This is actually the pic that comes up when you type in "savage sunshine." Go figure!)

Well she finally did it! My NY homegirl Valentina has finally made a blog of her own. While her stint as professional commenter was much appreesh, I'm thrilled to be able to see what she has to say about things she finds important! She's currently got one post now, about the people who want to kill her, but it's funny, not scary/threatening/sort of creepy.

I advise everyone to check it out, leave soooo many comments that V's inbox can't even handle it, and then be super nice to her if you ever see her on the streets in NY. She's got pretty hair (and doesn't even have to brush it!) and might be listening to some random/shitty/good music. Oh and her style is like "Blair Waldorf on acid" (her words, not mine), so she'll be pretty hard to miss. I assume V will be the girl in the neon sweater, the plaid miniskirt, fluorescent tights, and sensible flats.

You can read all about her crazy life and her plans for an upcoming photo series here. I'm so happy for you V! Welcome to the Peach Pit!



Valentina said...

I promised myself I wouldn't cry, but gawd, I'm touched! And you've totally got my style down pat. I actually freaked out when I read that, it's pretty spot on. Of course I would also be sporting a scarf Karate Kid style on my head instead of a headband! So yeah, I'm kinda amazing.

Erika said...

So I kinda pin pointed your style? Yeah, I toyed with the idea of being a personal stylist for a while. I used to pick out 4 or 5 outfits for my friends to wear from their closets when we were going somewhere...but then I decided working for some diva would be too stressful, espesh since all my amazing fashion finds would have to go to her...boo.