Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mooka Kinney Nooooo!!!! But Then...Yesss!!!!

As a poor girl, I pour all of my mental millions into the rad, chic fashion I can never hope to afford that I see in the glossy 8.5 x 11'' pages of fashion magazines. So far, by my calculations it would seem that I have gone bankrupt from spending my virtual fortune on Mooka Kinney.

I luff Mooka Kinney. Espesh when I learned they dressed Lovefoxxx from CSS and the girls from one of my fave bands, Tilly and the Wall. The clothes are like what I would wear everyday if I were a size 4, had long silky golden locks, wore brown eyeshadow, and lived my life as a personal homage to Jane Birkin. I've been slowly plotting the day where I can actually afford to walk into I Heart NYC and buy up a storm of jumpers, peasant dresses, and pleated skirts.

But ALAS! I just heard that Mooka Kinney is no more! After a small vigil of lavender scented candles and Nico, I am okay. Because it turns out that 1/2 of MK, Rachel Antonoff, has made a line of her own. And it's wonderful! It's like 40's Brighton Beach splendor for girls that aren't a size 00! And she got ScarJo to model it, which really doesn't excite me, but she also got Alia Shawkat to model it too! And if I look as good as they do in Antonoff's stripey jumpers and frilly dresses, then I will feel, like, soooo complete you guys.

More pics after the nonexistent jump!

Don't you just love it guys??? Love for the not so skinny set!



Anonymous said...

Is that Scarlett
in the second to last picture?

Erika said...

It sure is!

Valentina said...

I like these dresses, I just have a very strong feeling that they'd look terrible on me in person.

Erika said...

Really? I think the last one would look good on everybody!

Valentina said...

No, it's like totes adorable and everything, I just think I'd look really young in it. Like younger than I already do. I want to try them on now and see.

Lolita Hazed said...

Really?? Mooka Kinney-- dead? Thank God I scored a dress before that death. I have the swan dress and I love it so. Rachel Antonoff is such a sweetheart, we were pen-pals for awhile but I don't think she likes me anymore.
These dresses are adorable but I already miss Mooka Kinney.