Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guest Blogger: I love the TV!

Yay! The internet is starting to slowly come back to life! I feel better already. Gawd, I need to get a life that doesn’t involve the internet. I mean, my aunt and uncle are starting to get suspicious. They’re always asking me what I do on the computer for hours at a time. And because I have a weird sense of humor, I usually give some strange answer like, “looking at internet porn” (duh!), or “googling how to build a bomb!”. I loves the internets, yes I do.

Today’s fantastic guest blogging post actually isn’t about my love of the internet. See, over the past insanely busy year, filled with various college visits and worthy attempts to actually make myself to intelligent (I fooled those suckers good!), I began to notice a disturbing trend. This was only confirmed more for me this past Sunday, when as I’ve mentioned several times before, I attended a meetup with my future college classmates. For some strange, ungodly reason, all the “smart” kids I have met this year always say that they never watch any tv (say that in a snobby, pretentious voice for full effect). You know these kids, they’re those super driven a-type personalities that exist at every high school, the ones who participate in every club or extracurricular and try to take control of every situation. But it’s not even limited to those kids, even the relatively lazy slacker ones like me refuse to admit that they watch tv! Now, personally I consider myself an intelligent person. I mean, I got into one of the best liberal arts schools in the country out of a ridiculously competitive applicant pool. But I love tv, love it with a passion. I watch everything, Weeds, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Project Runway, Intervention, Gossip Girl, Maury, The Simpsons, whatever it is, I probably watch it. Watching television doesn’t make me less intelligent, it makes me more likely to drop references to The O.C. into our conversations. Seriously though, I still read books, I’m still interested in academic pursuits. Sometimes I can even carry on an intelligent conversation without using the word like once. But every time, I meet these freakish kids, they make me feel like a total idiot for watching the teevee. They try to talk to me about how much they enjoyed being in their school’s chapter of Amnesty International, I try to talk to them about America’s Best Dance Crew. They don’t realize they can often be b.o.r.i.n.g. I would like to offer some advice to these kids, or you if you happen to be one. Lighten up. You still have plenty of time in your life to be a serious, dedicated adult. You’re young right now; try enjoying yourself for a change! Be lazy, and see how much fun it can really be. I mean, watching tv doesn’t mean you’re some loser who never does anything remotely social. I watch tons of tv, and I still manage to not only hold down a job, but also have time to go out and party with my friends. So sit back, relax and pick up that remote. Judge Judy is calling you, don’t disappoint her. She can be super scary when she’s angry, which you’d know for yourself if you watched more tv.

P.S. Tomorrow I am going to photograph this up and coming stylist for my internship at I’m soo nervous, just writing about it is kind of making me want to freak out. My hands will probably be shaking so much I’ll barely be able to hold the camera! You should leave messages to make me feel better. But a full recap of this is coming tomorrow, aren’t you excited?
Okay I love you, bye-bye! (Extra points to the person who can tell me what tv show that comes from!)

I’d suggest at this point going over to my blog, but I haven’t written anything new today, so whatevs.


Lolita Hazed said...

Is my guess.

Erika said...

Yeah, Animaniacs. I love TV too, and thus find it odd when I can't carry on a very deep, intellectual convo about how Sam must have felt when Belle/Hannah told him she was callgirl, or why Shane Sparks should go back to So You Think You Can Dance? or why that guy on Shear Genius is so weird. I'm pop culturally a genius and should be treated as such. Oh, so I thought Chicago was a state, so you're so much better than me now non TV watchers?? Man, TV makes boring peeps interesting and interesting people mad awesome. It's perfect.

Valentina said...

I love you guys. You're brilliant. Both of you. Animaniacs is my life, btw! I am so pop culturally knowledgable, sometimes I feel like I should be a character in a Judd Apatow movie.

But in all serious-ness, they should get new judges on ABDC. And a new host too, cause they all suck.

Lolita Hazed said...

OMG I think I was close to tears in the sentimental moments of Belle/Hannah revealing her prostitution to her best friend. Such a moment. I was really happy.
GOD, I love TV! When the first season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl is over, Gossip Girl will pretty much be already back! September 1st! Countdown!