Thursday, July 17, 2008

ASIID!! Noooo!!!

Man, I luh America's Best Dance Crew. This new season is bonkers. Every group is/was killing it, except for that Sass X 7 thing. I'm pretty sure the producers purposely gave them that Britney Spears song just to make fun of them. Sadcute.

But tonight we saw the terrible demise of Detroit's ASIID! I almost teared up. Granted, they were up against the authentic b-boy all-star group Supa Crew, but I was still sad to see them go! Ever since they killed it on that Ciara joint, I've found no faults with them.

Thank god my hometown heroes Fanny Pak and Kaba Modern-esque So Real Cru are still alive and well!

I know you guys are watching this show. Even people without cable are getting on it! Favorite ABDC crew on three!




Valentina said...

oh my god! Why ASIID, why?! I loved you guys!! This is so depressing, I get way too involved in ABDC. But yeah, totes agree with you Fanny Pak is my favorite group ever. Like if they do not win, I will be soo pissed.

MACK said...

i am DEVASTATED that ASIID is gone!


Fanny Pak is my favorite, they're great but I also like Supa Crew.


Sass x 7 pissed me off because they sucked. And I'm not sure why they were on the show in the first place? Also that boy band wannabe group from like...Indiana. Wtf?

Mz.Sullivan said...

Yeah man, ASIID couldn't use the sympathy card anymore longer. Anyhoo, Fanny Pak, and So Real rock. Period.