Wednesday, July 16, 2008


That's right boys and girls! For all us out there that would give up the ability to have children just to touch Karl Lagerfeld, for the masses of us that choose a new dress over paying the rent, for the girls that have pictures of Fall/Winter '08 lookbooks as your screensavers, the wait is over!

The new season of Project Runway starts tonight at 9 pm onBravo!! If you go to the website, they already posted the designers! My speculative faves after...that's right...the nonexistent jump!

Terri Stevens (bio here): Look at that hair! She seems soooo nice! And in her bio pic, she's wearing these fabulous stringy pants! Homegirl hails from the Chi-town, in the Go-Ill, and she works at Victoria's Secret!

Kenley Collins (bio here): So I might have snagged this pic from her Myspace, but she is the cutest contestant ever! She's stationed in NY and one of her fave designers is Betsey Johnson! I have a feeling she's going to make the cutest clothes!

Be there to catch the last season before PR packs up their thimbles, industrial sewing machines, patterns, and fierce-osity and heads to my neck of the woods! Ha! HAHAHAHA! That's right NY-ers! Project Runway is moving to LA for season 6! Take it! Ahem, anyway, viewing party at my place! I'll be serving chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, and cheese and crackers! Who's coming?!

Are you in or out?



Sharlie said...
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Sharlie said...

Thanks for the reminder,I forgot all about this premeiring.
This shit is on LIFETIME!
I hate lifetime,I use to have to watch this 24/7 at my grandmothers house,what happenend to Bravo?

Make it work!

Valentina said...

Hells yeah, bitches! Project Runway is back!!

Mz.Sullivan said...

Ooooh, I can't wait. I officially love Wednesdays again. Of course, I am rooting for the Chicago girl & and her love for Micheal Jackson. But it will be more faves once I watch the show. Cheese & Crakers sound good! Mmmmm... and the whole lifetime thing bugs me, especially since I just watched two back to back episodes of Golden Girls on the channel. Anyhoo, its gonna be on Bravo this season. Next is Lifetime. Enjoy ladies....I will have the lap out, giving myself a re-do mani and pedi. This new green polish I bought is hard.