Thursday, July 3, 2008

Um, Space Filler

Today is a slow day. Tonight is looking pretty fun. There's Fuck Yesss in ATL, LOSER in NYC, and, ummm, there's always something going down somewhere in LA. It's worth just walking up and down Hollywood and stumbling upon something.

But today? Today is slow. The internet is slow. As Sarah says, "I am trying and I am failing." There is a Twilight Zone marathon on SciFi all day today. But as I don't have anything cool to share, I'll just tell you some mildly funny shit.

I have this thing I like to do with my boyfriend and it's vaguely awesome. I get really close to him and start rubbing him and nuzzling my face into his neck and whispering in his ear, all Karmaloop style. It makes him kinda uncomfy, so I do it a lot. He thinks he can faze me by doing equally weird nonsense, but it doesn't work. Once, we were watching TV and he remarked that he liked fingerless gloves. I whispered, "I like fingerless gloves...and fingering gloves!" Y'know, so just shit like that. Everything sounds sexier in whisper form, so I say ordinary things like, "Is that a new shirt?" or "Is dinner ready?" or "Hey that comedian on Last Comic Standing isn't funny." Imagine said ish in whisper form. If you ever need to break the silence with your bf, I advise doing that, 'cos their reaction is hella funny.

Okay, that's it. And that wacky breastfeeding lady was on the Tyra Show today. Alright. I'm out.



Anonymous said...

Today is a reeeallly slow day. I pretty much wasted it sitting around making collages. The whisper thing is so funny. If I had a bf I would totes do that all the time. Actually I kind of already do, but to my gay bff, which really just makes it even better. Kay...I'm going back to my collage's now.

Happy 4th!!

Erika said...

Happy 4th to you too! I love collages too! Good luck!

Lolita Hazed said...

Damn straight. Keep on keeping it real, and a happy fourth of July!

Lolita Hazed

Erika said...

Haha, you too Lolita Hazed! Keep it loco in Oklahoma! (Er, that actually didn't rhyme like I thought it would...oh well) Stay rad!

Georgious Porgious said...

ok so i just saw ur blog for the first time its awesome

plus ur in atl

which makes u doubly awesome :-)

Erika said...

Awwww thanks girl! You're in ATL too?! Rad! Happy 4th of July girl! Are you going to Lenox for the fireworks? You should go, they will be dope!

Georgious Porgious said...

nooooo i wish i was. im back home in boston but i cant wait to get back in august :-/