Thursday, July 10, 2008

Guest Blogger Punch Punch! Results! Punch Punch!

Is it obvi I like saying punch punch!? Anyway, after my open call for some new meat on this blog was posted, I actually got some emails! Yeah, I know, crazy! I never thought that people would actually like this blog so much that they wanted to guest on it! I got some offers to do some guest blogging too, before, but I sort of let them go.

Hmmm...wasted opportunities. But that won't happen for anyone else! Punch punch! So with that, I would like to announce DIAtD's new guest blogger...Valentina!

...And Lolita Hazed!

That's right...I went Tyra on this ish, only instead of voting two models out at once, I picked two as the winners.

I mean honestly, I couldn't be so mean as to pick one person above the other! And I don't need a flood of death threats in my inbox for my decision. So yeah, I took the lame way out and picked them both!

You get to read all about the inner trappings of Valentina starting this Monday through Sunday and then you'll be able to explore the eggpants awesomeness of why it's better in Oklahoma from Lolita Hazed the week after that!

Yay! Winners! You guys are Do It At The Disco's Next Guest Bloggers! Pop champagne corks! Wipe your tears! Throw streamers! Do stupid poses for the camera! Smile! Be happy! Punch punch!



MACK said...

whooaaah woman, great idea!
this should be interesting.
i went to oklahoma once and it was boring so, maybe i'll be shown otherwise.

DIatTD is the best acronym ever!

Mz.Sullivan said...

Congrats ladies!

Yeah, Right. said...

Wish I'd known about this!!