Saturday, July 26, 2008

Guestblogger: When Your Little Town Tries to Be Cool

(I'm not going to try to find different ways to say "guest blogger" anymore. It's getting hard, I give up.)

I live in a pretty low-key little town. It's not super-happening, but it's a great environment and I've been lucky to grow up in such a nice place.
But of course, it sucks when you can't find anything to do. Live music is usually local and the big bands that come here usually don't intrigue me much, so it can be entertaining when a commotion does indeed arise (Polyphonic Spree came here for free this spring, but I totally missed it!). But I've never had one that confused me as much as my city's pseudo-festival, DFEST.
I don't know why it confuses me. I guess it's because it's apparently into its seventh year, and up until last year, I had no idea it existed. There had been no hype about it before then, and there was basically only one great band, The Flaming Lips, the only band I saw. So I'm not really understanding how there's been this wannabe-Lolla under my nose all this time. My future magazine editor thinks Tulsa's going to be the new Austin, which I don't see happening so super-quickly.
But who knows? My city's really cute. It's got ghost-town hootspa, if such a thing exists. There's potential.
Plus, it's gonna be fun. I've already paid for my ticket so there's no looking back anyway. It'll be cool if the line-up gets bigger and better over the next few years so I can look at my hometown from wherever the hell I am and get a flash of pride, you know? It's no Austin City Limits, but it's home.
So my friend and I are going tonight! See anybody on here I should check out? We're for sure seeing The Roots, which is going to be kick-ass. We're also hitting up Here is There, who are some foxy boys who graduated from my school this year. I refuse to step anywhere near the All-American Rejects or Paramore. I think I'd rather take a pen and pop my own eardrum.

BTW, I think I might be the Peach Pitter from the smallest town, which is weird, cuz all us ladies are pretty damn cosmopolitan. Represent Peach Pit! If we were rich we'd have some bomb sleepovers. The oldest of you would be responsible for buying the bubbly, which would have to be real, because we're classy. And according to my mother I drink wines kinda pretentiously. I'm gonna be a wine connaisseur when I grow up.

Y Sarah


Sharlie said...

yeaaa,Small Town Blues
I'll be facing that soon when I leave Houston to Nowhere,USA
but I'm x-tra hyped for the Austin City Limits Festival,I copped my tickets awhile back<--

Your from Tulsa? A month ago I went to see the Millionaires and a rapper named P.D.A. from there opened the show,he was reaaallly good,cute too;)
You heard of him perhaps?

Sharlie said...
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Lolita Hazed said...

I think I have. I'm pretty sure he had a Christmas party concert last year or something.
You're really lucky you get to go to ACL! There's a great line-up this year, too.

Valentina said...

Uh, well I would go see the Disco Biscuits but that's cause I'm a crazy hippie kid. Who was forced by her sister to listen to the Biscuits for many a year.