Thursday, July 24, 2008

Straight Representin'

Tonight I'm going to see Tilly and the Wall at the Variety Playhouse. I'm super stoked and you may be super jelz. But as stoked as I am to see Tilly, and the Ruby Suns, I'm even more excited about seeing the Coathangers.

I have seen the Coathangers live going on three times now and it's always eggpants awesome! (The Coathangers and the Black Lips, Snowden, the Selmanaires, Noot D'Noot, and DJ Treasure Fingers are the few acts that make me super proud to rep ATL!!!) They always put on a super fun show. I was at their album release party and awesomeness occurred: they offered me beer, gave me sparklers, and during their set they broke a piƱata! Some candy went in the direction of this little toddler and then Julia Kugel, the lead singer, started shouting, "You almost hit a baby!!! You almost hit a baby!!! And there was a mini horse with a horn on his head!! Everyone was calling him a unicorn!!

See, nothing but fun with these guys. I saw them again at Record Store Day (did anyone go out to their city's RSD celebration? I loved mine...I got to see at least 10 bands and eat up hot dogs and pizza for free and then I bought some vinyl for about $4, and then Lillian gave me some MIA was rad!) and they totes did not disappoint. There was silly string and balloons and face of which they gave me, and then I got Stephanie Luke to sign my drumstick! Ha! Rusty Coathangers <3's me! Anyway, so this made me start thinking...sometimes when you're stuck in a place you're not really inclined to liking, music is like a temporary savior, right? So do you guys have any local bands that you get excited about and see lots and lots of times and sort of know and all that jazz?

And Mz. Sullivan, you can't answer because you've got Million Dollar Mano, Hollywood Holt, Cool Kids, and Kidz In The Hall in your neck of the woods and that's just unfair! Stupid Go-Ill killing the game right now...grumble, grumble, grumble. So talk about your local music scene! And then I will lord over you with my awesome ATL music scene! Yay! Upperhand!

P.S. And just in case you kinda think you might like the Coathangers, there are mp3's, the link to buy their album, and their music video below! Peace up A-Town down!

The Coathangers: "Shake Shake"
The Coathangers: "Don't Touch My Shit"

"Tonya Harding"

The Coathangers - "Tanya Harding" from ataricharm on Vimeo.



alex said...

when i come to ATL, you are taking me EVERYWHEREEEEEEE!

Erika said...

well then you better come in the next four months, because mid august i'm shipping out to la girl!

but if you do come, i would be more than happy to show off my neck of the woods.
first stop: el mexicano for $1.50 tacos!

Mz.Sullivan said...

Lmfao! I see u reppin' ATL, and its music scene. Thats whats up. We still gonna battle it out on the local music scene arena though. lol!

alex said...

ahhhh my best friend is moving back to LA in august too. And my other bestie lives in Long Beach. I want to move to CALI. I'm pouting .

I went last summer to LA and i LA LA LOVED IT. FREAKING HELL, it was great. After college, I'm moving out there, assuming I get a job. And if I cant get a job, Ill just enroll in grad school.

Countdown: 2 years!

Jessica Shulist said...

Have an awesome time, girl!
Tilly and the Wall are great! I saw them a couple years ago.