Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Guest Blogger Punch Punch!

So I've maintained this blog pretty much Hans Solo since it's conception. I don't even know why I made it, actually. Fun trivia factoid: I used to run a blog on the (RIP) 99x AVRoom, and I got it just so I could enter this contest to be Dekker's intern! (Ed. Note: only people who have lived in ATL for at least three years will have found that amusing)

Anyway, this place needs some fresh meat. And by fresh meat, I mean fresh ideas. And by fresh ideas, I mean something other than the weird, random ish I write. So I figured, how better to do that than to get someone to guest blog over here!

It's nothing as cool as Missbehave's Next Top Blogger (which I won, btw), but it will get you some mild infamy, a few new readers, and a chance to spice up your life! Vaya! If you're guest blogging, it'll only prolly be for about a week, but you have to put up at least one new post a day, and you can put the link to your own blog at the bottom of each post if you wanna, which I encourage, 'cos it's free press and I LOVES me some free press. Keep in mind that the posts can't be as retarded or random as what I write, i.e. they should be semi-deep or just talk about your day..etc. I put enough strange bullshit on this thing as it is, girl. Oh, and you should also be really profesh about this, since I will be giving you my password and username to login to my blog. So you can't just be looking through my personal ish and/or giving my password away to random homies.

I am thinking this will go down Lesley Arfin style...hopefully? LA X Missbehave was/is pretty successful. I hope this is too. Anyone (by anyone, I mean whoever reads this blog avidly) who's like, maybe interested should take two secs out of their day and email me at with GUEST BLOGGER in the subject line. Please! Thank you! I'm taking emails all of today, until 12:01 am, and then I'll just email the new blogger back after that!

Ohmahgawd, this'll be like, so much fun! Slumber party! Mani/pedis! Pillow fights! Light as a feather stiff as a board! Ouiji! Dishing about boys! Other girly things! Can't wait!


Punch punch!


Lolita Hazed said...

What do we write in said e-mail?

Erika said...

I guess just that you're interested. I just need it to be in an email because I would have to send my info back in an email. That's all.

Mz.Sullivan said...

So u won that Missbehave joint? Its still contestants left. Before they even announced the winner?

Erika said...

Oh no, it was just a joke. I think. Sarah Morrison told me I won. If you follow the link, things will make a little more sense. But no, I don't think I really won.

Mz.Sullivan said...

Yeah, I followed the link. I am a retard. Anyhoo, I wanna go to the pool party.... : (
I should've made plans...I know too many people in NY to just sit up here and be around my boring friends.