Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Spit Hot Fire

He can sit next to me on the bus any day!

Okay, before I even talk about this post, the title of it is from one of my favorite Chapelle's Show episodes. If you can tell me anything about it, like what the short was about or what show it was spoofing, I might just love you. And if I meet you, I'll give you my issue of Missbehave Magazine number five autographed by Miss MIA herself. Just kidding. I totally would never do that. Still, I would think you were cool.

Anyway, onto the point, right? Soooooo....we all love Diplo here at The Disco. (Isn't it awesome how I can refer to this virtual place like it's some kind of real office or something? Someone could come along and assume The Disco had a physical location, with a mailing address and everything, which is stupid, 'cause real G's rock P.O. Boxes, y'know, so they can't be traced.)

Back to Diplo. I luh him. He is a sexy manz. We have all seen him. Most of us have seen him live. Diplo is known for his ability to put fire on any track. He did it with "Rollin" and "Bama Gettin' Money." This man is no joke. Straight up fly-er than a tsetse.

He did it again with Santi. I actually don't know what the original track sounded like because none of my friends will buy me the Santogold album (Oh poo, you guys are low on money? Not when the weed man shows up! Now buy me that record!), but Diplo made it 32749371294 times hotter.

You gotta put this song on and just ride...y'know, like me, only I always ride dirty. Or blast it while you're chilling at home and see how long it takes for one of your roommates to ask what you're playing. Either way, Diplo spits hot fire ya'll.

Starstruck (Diplo Mix) - Santogold

Santogold: "Starstruck (Diplo Remix)"

Cop Diplo's newest mix, Top Ranking, here mothasuckas!



Chris said...

Dude...the five hottest rappers out right now, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan...

Erika said...

Holy shit! That's right! It's Dylan! Yay! Someone else knows Chapelle's show besides me!

Lolita Hazed said...

Man, I need to watch way more Chappelle's Show than I already do. Y'know, even if I AM going to see The Roots because I hope maybe Sanchez and his electric piano will be there... if only...

Mz.Sullivan said...

Arumpa, rump, rump, rump...arumpa rump rump ting....fuck, Chris beat me to it!