Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th Of July '08: The Aftermath

My final 4th of July stats:

Headache (but no hangover, suhweet)
Two scratches: one really long one going up the back of my thigh, one going down my shin
The dirtiest feet you've seen since slavery
A chipped mani
Awful pictures

The day starts off nice enough. We head out to Piedmont Park but every black person in the city of Atlanta has claimed a grill. It's like a fucking Johnson Family Reunion every you go. We manage to negotiate use of a grill from some Europeans. The burgers are really good, the shrimp is undercooked, and Chris has too many High Lifes.
Andrew's girlfriend is crazy and they really love wine. We all have too much wine.
Then Andrew and Co. ditch us to go makeout/feed the ducks and the rest of us play Frisbee. Occasionally (when I throw it), it wanders into the Europeans area. They seem mildly annoyed.

Afterwards, my bf, Chris, and I head out to The Ditches (this abandoned skate ramp), which requires we trek through a jungle-like path of vines and ant hills, jump a few Restricted Zone gates, and walk through sand. I do all of this in a minidress and flats, cos I am a rough and tumble chick. Before we get to The Ditches, we stop in the sandy part and take the time to explore it. It's actually an abandoned construction zone so we all lose our shoes and run around. Some Safety Dancing is done. Fun ensues. I feel like a ten year old all over again.

The Ditches smell like rotten water and shit. It is now a water runoff area. I have to pop a nasty squat, one way worse than any pissing outside a club. Oh well. Sometimes I am like one of the boys.

Then we head out to the Mattress Factory Lofts and watch the fireworks at Turner Fields and Six Flags. Everyone on the rooftop is crazy drunk. We meet back up with Andrew and his gf. They have more wine. Chris gets propositioned by a lady cop, whom I like to call The Vadge With A Badge. He tells her not tonight. Pictures are taken.Then we light some bottle rockets. After the fireworks, we all head our separate ways and that is that.

End of 4th of July.

Too bad everyone got really pissy with each other by the end of the night, 'cos I had a kinda good time.



bite size labella said...

Wow sounds like u had a super cool time, me on the other hand slept my life away in a suana like bedroom, also wanted to say keep up with the postings, you make my days at work go by soo much quicker and also make atl sound soo much more interesting than how I see it each and everyday( Iive out in the sticks of Lawrenceville)so thank you for the great read! :o)

Erika said...

Hahaha, yeah it was really hot last night, right??? And thanx. I don't get to see downtown ATL as much as I'd love to, so it's always pretty magical to me. I'd love to like have a loft down there, like I prolly would move to midtown if I was staying in this state longer.