Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Guest Blogger: Story Time!!

It’s been a ridiculously slow two days on the blog front. I feel a little empty, a little bored, and most definitely a little anxious. If everyone doesn’t start posting soon, I might be forced to actually go on facebook, just for something to do. And considering that nothing of any interest whatsoever happened for me to post about today, I’m going to tell you a little story. It’s a good one (not really).

This morning while killing time before I had to go to work, I decided to watch the movie Mean Girls, again, for some unknown reason. But anyways, it was the scene where Tina Fey is counseling all the junior girls, trying to ween them away from their evil, backstabbing ways. Last time I saw this movie, I was watching it with my sister. When it came to this part, I remarked that I could not remember a time when I had ever talked about a friend behind her back. I swear, I just never got into any of that hs drama. “Really?” my sister asked, “you’ve never talked about any friend ever?”. Well, just this one time, okay?

Chloe and I became friends while attending this summer program for gifted and talented student’s. We clicked instantly, and loved to jokingly refer to ourselves as “twins”. Not in the sense that we were so similar, more in that we were actually kind of opposite’s personality wise. Like the way they used to stereotype Mary-Kate and Ashley when they were little with defined personalities (Mary-Kate is the bohemian one, Ashley is the smart, driven one!). Chloe was outgoing and crazily confident in herself. She was so much fun to hang with, we would spend forever getting ready for all these little social events and then we’d get bored and leave after 5 minutes. She was always hanging out with at least 4 boys, and every boy I met was like totally in love with her. I joked with her that she was single-handedly fucking with the minds of an entire generation of boys. One of these boys, Casey, would eventually become one of my best guy friends. One day we were sitting outside when he and I started to talk about Chloe. I said some things, none of which were insulting in my mind, in fact they were exactly the things I had been saying to Chloe herself all along. A day later, Casey apparently told Chloe that some of her friends had been talking shit about her, and she was pissed. Even though I didn’t think I had said anything evil (wtf did he actually say to her?), I felt terrible and tried to apologize like 10 times. She usually ignored me or simply told me we’d talk later. I stopped worrying about it, and a week later we were back to being friends. I even remained super-bff’s with Casey. I still kind of have no idea what happened in that situation, though. Like I never get involved in things like this, it's so not me. Moral of the story, NEVER discuss your friend’s lives while they are not actually present. Has anything like this ever happened to you? Have any of you guys ever talked shit/ had shit talked about you? Did I actually do anything wrong? Please tell me stories and help bring the internet back to life.
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Erika said...

It's me. As usual. This should be saying something about my lack of daily activities. Well, it's Internetz or cleaning. That choice was made for me. But yeah, when I was in HS I was in this 4 girl group. It wasn't a clique cos we had a lot of other friends but the 4 of us just happened to hang out together a lot. So there was this other girl Minnie, who suddenly hung out with us alot and then I guess took it personal when we didn't invite her to everything. So she personally plotted to take me out of the 4some. She talked a ton of shit about me and said I said things that weren't even true, and then kept smiling to my face. But as much as I wanna say that shit is only in HS, it's totally not. People who talk shit behind people's backs and can't say it to their face are either scared or conniving, and usually do it habitually. Actually, I'm losing my train of thought on this (it's hard to think when listening to Totally Michael), but I think you have to just accept that you can't change what people think of you or...what was I talking about? I'm going to Missbehave...

Valentina said...

Why are we always the only people on the internet? I feel like everything I write is just for you! Yeah, I'm going to missbehave too, I haven't checked that in like...5 minutes.

Jtalk said...

well I don't really talk about my friends behind their backs... In less I'm worried about them and I would then need to talk to my other friends about how we can help, It's never really the bad gossiping type thing.

And btw I really like these and I'm reading so don't stop :D

Jessica Fletcher said...

great post, Valentina!
p.s i LOVE this movie. I love it sooo much that I'm contemplating spending my last dimes on it.