Saturday, July 19, 2008

Agent Ribbons

As I've said before, it's definitely summer. And unyieldingly so, since it's looking like temps in the 90s all week here in ATL. So while the hipsters and businesspeople spar it out with Starbucks in the hot summer sun, I'm gonna stay here in my nice, cool, ceiling fanned room and sort my earrings by color.

In between that, I guess I'll be listening to Agent Ribbons. The two piece combo of Californian retrophiles guitarist/vocalist Natalie Gordon and drummer/guitarist Lauren Hess, Agent Ribbons is like the soundtrack to a summer day in 40s era Brighton Beach or Coney Island. But hey, something else reminds me of Brighton Beach! The perfect combo!

Anyway, I have a hard time describing Agent Ribbons, mostly because while I did do some time as a music journalist, I'm certainly not a trained one. So I'll just say that their music is perfect summer fare. It sounds delicately vintage and shimmering, but at the same time modern. So it is almost the all female equivalent to Beirut (Ohhh Zach Condon, marry me pls). Agent Ribbons have played with Social Studies (my SF FAVES) and even opened for Cake. How boss is that?!

Their debut album, On Time Travel and Romance, is an amazing album, full of light guitars, bells, horns, and happiness. And while I'm aware that happiness isn't an instrument, it's all you can feel when you listen to this album. My absolute favorite song is "Obituary." I'm not sure what it's about exactly, but it's the cutest, nicest song I've heard in a very long time.

Luckily, I found some mp3s for download, but you can actually download a lot of their songs off their myspace. Also luckily, they tour a lot in CA, so when they come back from their UK tour in October, I'll be able to see them live. So suck it GA!!

Unfortunately, there's no really great live video or imeem track to put here, so you'll sort of have to just go listen for yourself, but please do, because these girls are amazing!

Agent Ribbons: "Obituary"
Agent Ribbons: "Birds and Bees"

I guess you can expect a lot more posts on awesome female songwriters/bands because all of a sudden everyone got really good!



Lolita Hazed said...

I love girl bands. No shame at all. I'm pretty much allll about girl bands, I want to be in one.

Erika said...

I was in one. We were Russell Betty and the Corrigans, which is a really obscure Great Gatsby reference. We bought our amps and mics off eBay and had one song and then we called it quits. But our guitarist was British, which was cool I guess.

MACK said...

british people are hella cool. i wanted to be british when i was a kid. sometimes i still sort of do.

Valentina said...

Zach Condon is MINE girl. Sorry, but like, he plays the ukulele, and that's pretty much my idea of a perfect man. I guess we could always share him though, like divorced parents do with their kids.