Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Guest Blogger: I can't concentrate.

I was going to have a really excellent post for you today. See I was planning on going to Coney Island with two of my non-native NY relatives. This would have provided me with plenty of fun source material for a blog post. I mean, the subway ride alone would probably have been hilarious enough for me to just quit right there. Instead at 3:00 this morning I got a text saying that the plans were cancelled, maybe we’d go next week. Cancelling on people is mean, but waking them up in the very early morning to do so is purely evil. Oh, well. This is what I get for having no friends. Let me clarify, I make friends super easily, I just don’t stay friends with anyone for very long. Eventually most of my friendships end up as a facebook friendship, you know a quick note every now and then. I’m starting to hate facebook, but it would be too difficult to shut it down now. At least facebook is good for stalking people. Not that I do that (right now my cousin and her friend are facebook stalking our superhawt 8th floor neighbor. Shh!)

I just graduated from high school like 2 months ago. Want to guess how many people I still talk to? ZERO. This is for the best. I mean, I was really only friends with them cause there were no better people around. It was a friendship of convenience more than anything else. So I don’t miss them. I do miss some of my friends who I left when I moved back to NYC (I grew up in NY but moved to Arkansas when I was 15). They didn’t go to my high school, I met them at this summer program I did before my senior year. Therefore they were pretty cool. Now in a month or so I’ll be heading to California for college. This idea is exciting and stressful at the same time. I mean I’m ridiculously glad to be going, but I know I’ll miss NY. Cali is like the opposite of everything I am. I am not tan, blonde, relaxed, and happy all the time. I am a pale, anxious New Yorker who despises the sun and most outdoor activity. I think I’ll make some truly close friends at college, though. My future roomie who I met on a visit to the school is awesome. She’s like a much sweeter, less sarcastic version of me (no wonder boys like her better! No bitterness though, she’s too amazing for me to hate on.) And this one girl I met this weekend is seriously the closest I have ever come to finding myself in another person. So I’m excited for college, I’m excited to meet new friends. Who I’ll probably stop hanging out with after like 4 months. But still. Sorry, did this post not make any sense to you? Yeah, me neither. I’m starving right now, but my cousin and I can’t decide on whether we want burgers or panini for dinner. Both require us to leave the apartment and go outside. Fuck it, let’s just order pizza.

I can't concentrate on anything today. Thank god it's my day off work.

Valentina, also known as the writer of Savage Sunshine.

PS- I keep meaning to add cute pictures to my posts, but I can never find any that I like. So sorry about all the boring wordy-ness.


Erika said...

Oh V, this is/was me. You have no idea. Well you have some idea. When I graduated HS I had no real friends either, and I still really don't, just vapid, hollow relationships I pretend to keep up and put a happy face on for. But I too am going to CA, but the Valley, not Pomona (check out the Glass House, girl!) and while I'm terrified because it's something new, scary, and yet exciting, I know I have to do it. BTW, you don't have to be blond, tan, and/or happy to live in CA. Most LA people are pretty mean, to me at least. But you have to look at this as a positive experience, not just something to get through, because if you come at it with the right attitude, you can make some real friends. I'm stoked to go to LA because of the possibilities and opportunities that'll be open to me and the people I'll meet, people who are just like me and people I don't have to pretend/change for. But you always have a choice and you always have a chance to turn a situation around. Keep your head high girl!

Valentina said...

Omg, Erika. I say this all the time, but you really are my life coach! I mean like for real, I feel so inspired right now, like everything is gonna be okay. This guest blogging is turning out to be more of a therapy hour for me. When we both get out to CA, I think we should def hang out. Somewhere in LA itself. Somewhere cool.

Where is everbody today? I feel like it's been an extraordinarily slow blogging day.

Erika said...

We can totez hang out! I'll be about 10 minutes north of Hollywood, so we can chill over there and I can show you around Beverly Hills and Hollywood and then we can taunt the kids in Silverlake with food and bright colored clothes! Ha!
But on the real, we can def hang out. And yeah, it's been a scarily slow blogging day. Meh.

Anonymous said...

Yea I'm about to start college too August 21st wooot!

Its a rare fing to find TRUE friends in high school, so don't trip over that, ok? In college you'll meet tons of eclectic people and cool peeps. Not the same people you were almost forced to converse with in high school monday-friday.

But yea, from advice I've recently recieved you'll make 28197129 new friends in college or not so much neccesarily,either way the majority of incoming freshman have no idea who each is so EVERYONE will
be showing their best/cheesiest qualities upfront.
After ya'll see each others true colors and the year goes on, you'll prolly have a good sum of folks that are pretty cool, thus hanging out with.

Hope this helped young grasshopper and have fun in cali guh!