Monday, July 14, 2008

Fat Guy Stuck In Internet

I am a television addict. Yes, I've admitted it. I'm comfortable with it, because it's one of the easiest addictions to satiate I've ever had. (Like, it takes time to drive to McD's for the #10 with BBQ sauce and a lot of times I'm too lazy to even go outside to smoke, and sometimes I run out of enough sugar to make Kool-Aid...)

Soooo, with that stated, I love Adult Swim. Now that I don't have to wake up early anymore for class and have to work at a decent time, I can actually watch the whole lineup. All 3 1/2 hours of it! So I'm kind of an Adult Swim nerd. I've been watching it since it's inception (and yeah, I remember when ATHF was a new show, crazy, right???) and I actually took the time to Wikipedia Mission Hill, one of my fave shows EVER!

But recently, I've gotten into that terrible show Fat Guy Stuck In Internet, the sordid virtual saga of hacker extraordinaire Ken Gemberling and his quest to help Bit and Byte, and ultimately escape from the Internet! But I'm not really proud of actually tuning in for it because it is like the cheap, watered down bastard child of Darkplace, Saul of the Mole Men, Tron and TEASGJ. Yeah, I'm not writing that out. So I'm sort of a Fat Guy nerd.

So hey, just for shits and giggles, everyone tell me what their closet show is! It can be some sleazy soap, trashy talk show, or awful animated crapshoot. It'll make me feel better/give me something new to obsess over.

TV punch punch!



Mz.Sullivan said...

For some reason, I knew somebody would blog about that Fat Guy Internet show on Adult Swim. It was, um, weird, yeahhhhh. Anyhoo, I enjoyed my Assy McGee. Right now I have been watching The Deadliest Catch...I thinks its on Discovery. My pseudo boo got me into looking at it. Its about Crab catchers, they make millions...go figure. But its pretty dope. Its like watching sailors or pirates on a ship.

alex said...


Of course Robot Chicken is brilliantly sick and, ATHF is great but seriously, I live for SHIN CHAN.

Other than that, I have been a lifelong fan of Degrassi: The Next Generation. I'm talking, back when Manny was still innocent & when Emma's teeth were totally EFFED, and when Alex was still badass. Before Jimmy got shot, when Spinner dated Paige, When TERRY was still on the show (whatever happened to her?), when Jimmy (now known as DRAKE to the non Degrassi world) was kind of ugly, before Alex was a lesbian, before PAIGE was a lesbian, before Paige got raped, before Spirit Squad existed, back when Ashley was normal, when she was Goth, when she was semi-normal again, when she was still with Jimmy, before Craig came on the show, when Hazel was still around, before Marco was gay...

Believe me, I could keep going.

I even wanted to be Canadian at one point. I tried to start saying 'Sorry' like 'Sow-reey', just like our neighbors up north.

New season just started on Friday, love it!

alex said...

When Manny got pregnant and had an abortion and America wouldn't air the episode so I had to download it illegally and watch it online, right before all the sites got shut down and the owners got sued. I risked my life for this show, man.

Mz.Sullivan said...