Saturday, July 5, 2008

Real World HollyWeird!

Post 4th of July makes me sleepy. No, not sleepy, sluggish. Makes me have Kool-Aid and cookie cake for breakfast. Makes me not want to get dressed. Makes me not give a shit about window mullions (a new post entirely, promise). But it does make me want to watch TV all day.

Lucky for me, MTV is having a Real World: Hollywood marathon in honor of the Wed finale. But while watching twentysomethings with bad hair, judgmental attitudes, and super high bar tabs is not interesting, this marathon ish is in CoralVision! Yay! The meanest, funniest bitch from Real World is being mean and funny to a whole new cast of kids!

It really is hilarious. And more worth watching than MTV's bullshit indie week. (A new post again, promise)

Coral: Joey's roommates are like what a wet paper bra would be for me, i.e. not supportive. Ha!



MACK said...

jeezus, were those boobs always there? i don't remember

Erika said...

They were...and they still are

Mz.Sullivan said...

I love Coral. She is the bitch I strive to be. Anyhoo, yeah man, I just looked at my Missbehave and saw that shit!!
Wow! I would def rock the red. Thats real hard.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the only one who thinks MTV's "Indie-Alt-Post Mainstream ish" is shitty.

then again MTV's shitty;/

Erika said...

oh hell yes, girl you are not the only one!