Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Significant Other Right Now Is Myself

Okay. I'm sort of an earring fiend. If I had the money to cop a pair of Cubannie Links, I would do it in a heartbeat. I love earrings, and have been on the ongoing and seemingly neverending search for a pair of serious doorknockers. Maybe this is easy in New York, where Canal St. and Chinatown proffer up anything from t-shirts to televisions to knockoff bags and the tiny puppies that go in them, but in Atlanta seriously dope jewelry on a broke ass (but still fly) chick's budget is pretty hard to come by.

So I've been stalking all the Forever 21's I can find (I'm up to four so far) for badass earrings. You know, F21 makes really good ones. They're light and cute and cheap so you don't feel incredibly awful for losing the backs to them or leaving them at someone's place, or anything like that. My recent obsession has been a pair of F21 earrings that are like, the cutest things ever:

Adorable! And only 4.80! They're the ish! I'm wearing them here.

So when I went to TN this past weekend, we stumbled on a store called For Love 21, which is apparently some kind of F21 jumpoff store, the likes of which we have none in Atlanta. And it was there that I finished collecting all of the above earring styles. I now have them in pink, black, yellow, and white.

I believe that is what we like to call doing the damn thing. Now I'm on to my new obsesh. The clerk at For Love was wearing them when she checked me out. I haven't found them yet, but I will. I will:

They're zebra print and only 3.80. Animal prints make me tingle. Earrings make me tingle. Sometimes I tingle for no reason.

Anyone else harboring mad jewelry or clothing obsessions that make them rethink to what exactly they put their paycheck each month? Because, while sometimes it's nice to chat about politics, current events, the economy, and the modern woman's role in society, I like to talk about stuff.



Lolita Hazed said...

OMG I so want those tool earrings from Cubannie Links. Those are amazing and I've actually come across situations where having those would so come in handy. I'm obsessed with Karmaloop now, I have to join the street team so they'll give me some free stuff.

Apparently Forever 21 is Christian! That was Missbehave's very first "WTF?" column. They have a Bible quote on their bags, it's intense.

P.S. Added you as a friend on MySpace since your last post, just so you know the person sending you a request isn't some crazy random person.

MACK said...

i always noticed the bible verse on the bottom of the bags but i didnt know they were actually a Christian based company. Interesting.

ANNNND, zebra print is my fav. i have sebra shirts socks shoes everyyyything. love those earrings! i even have a zebra umbrella but, sadly, i left it on the train on thursday. i was distraught all day.

r.i.p. zebra umbrella.

i like earrings from F21 too mostly because their cheap and most are mad cute. loves it!

Valentina said...

I actually don't have my ears pierced. I know, shocking. I've wanted to get it done for a while, I'm just extremely lazy.

Minidresses and miniskirts are my earrings! I have so many of these, it's not even funny. Like I think I have 1 pair of jeans as opposed to 25 different dresses.

Mz.Sullivan said...

We have a For Love 21 in the suburbs of the Go. Those zebra ones are dope as hell. I love accessories too. Thats what make me and my friends stand apart from other chicks.And I got five holes in one ear, and two in the other. Right now I have two tiny guitars in the back holes. I can talk about earrings forever. H&M used to have the hotness until they fell off on accesories. I love collecting rare ones too.