Monday, July 14, 2008

Guest Blogger

So, hi guys! I'm Valentina, Do It At the Disco's very first guest blogger! I'm crazy stoked about this, cause you know Erika's blog is totes amazing, so to be the Lesley Arfin to her Missbehave is pretty exciting. I thought I would just intro myself with this post, I'm going to put up another one today once I finish (start?) writing it. I was trying to think of ways to sum myself up in a few sentences when I came upon this gem in my diary. It's a fake bio I wrote for this scholarship thingie. I actually later wrote a more legit version after my father failed to appreciate my brilliant sense of humor.

"Valentina Starr enjoys pina coladas and getting lost in the rain. One of her favorite movies is Rocky Horror Picture Show which she often finds herself quoting involuntarily. She rarely wears makeup and almost never brushes her hair. She is regularly called a “hippie” by school administrators, and by her calculations has spent more than 10 days of her life reading magazines. She hopes to one day achieve her lifelong dream of working at the Coney Island Side Show, performing such stunts as sword-swallowing and fire breathing all while wearing fabulous vintage outfits culled from the year she inevitably spends “finding herself” in Europe. In conclusion, she would like to remind you, don’t dream it, be it!"

So that's it for my first post, be back later in the day. If you want to email me with odd inquiries/comments/compliments, hit me up at And my blog is Savage Sunshine, duh. Go and read it and catch up on all my old posts. Pop quiz later.


Erika said...

This bio is awesome! Senior year, I had to write a eulogy for myself, and I wrote a pretty sweet one like yours. In mine I spent all day loitering at record stores and stealing grocery carts from Von's.