Friday, July 4, 2008

4th Of July Fun In The...Rain?

So today is my 4th of July/2nd birthday bash in Piedmont Park. The awesomeness was lined up last night: BBQ, beer, frisbee, and fun. Except it might storm today. And tonight, while we're watching the fireworks from the rooftops. Grrrrrrrreat.

The guest list was pretty final (me, my bf, his old roommate, my gay bff) until about 3 pm yesterday, when my gay bff called and said a sudden trip to his grammy's for the 4th came up. Boo. Hiss. Lame. I called my bf and let him know and he said he would ask if anyone else wanted to come. I told him I didn't care if I knew them or not. The more, the merrier, right? Right?

He called me back later that night and said his friend Andrew and his girlfriend would come. I don't know either of them, although I did speak to Andrew once vicariously over the phone when he was at my bf's apartment. But then I thought about his gf.

I was super tempted to ask if his gf was pretty, or tall, or fat...but I was afraid of being chastised for sounding irrationally superficial. But girls know what I am talking about right? Like when you see another dude's gf you kind of want to look better than her. I mean, you are a representative of your bf, just like he reps you. Maybe it's just me, but I think chicks can dig that sentiment.

Anyway, so hopefully today goes super. And we don't get rained out. 'Cos, uh, my hair and water do not mix unless it is in a shower and Herbal Essences is involved.

Oh and shoutout to Jtalk who hooked all us Missbehavers up with a way to watch Secret Diary Of A Call Girl. I'm hooked! Thanks girl!

Happy 4th bitches!



Jtalk said...

aw your welcome and happy 4th of july hope your plans dont get rained on!

bite size labella said...

HAPPY 4TH so far from what im seeing outside(marietta), it looks ill tell the rain/thunder gods to come over on a later date!!