Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Of Montreal Listening Party Tonight!

Erm, I don't even know if anyone besides me listens to Of Montreal, but I'm mostly just posting this for myself, because I would love to go if I lived in the East Village...or, um, New York City at all. Come out and join other drunken New Yawkers and listen to the pre-release of Of Montreal's new Skeletal Lamping LP before anyone else does! And then talk to the super guys from Polyvinyl! They seem nice.

And then after all that, turn your eyes to the horizon and watch Grizzly Bear on Letterman tonight!

Fun, fun, fun till daddy takes the T-Bird away!

Hi-Fi bar
10 pm - 12:30 am

Okay bye, have fun, I wish I lived in New York!



Valentina said...

Well now you do know someone else who listens to Of Montreal! Cause I do!! However the chain ends with me cause I don't know any 21+ Of Montreal fans who might enjoy going to this.