Saturday, July 19, 2008

Guest Blogger: Siren Music Festival!

I love music. Like, there is really nothing I love more than listening to it, whether in the comfort of my own home, or in an actual venue. I will do a lot of shit out of my love of music. I will go to hellish-ly hot outdoor venues, and wade through a mass of people who have decided to abandon regular bathing habits. I am willing to be physically crushed by these people as I attempt to move forward to get a better view of the stage. I do these things in the name of music. Sometimes I am rewarded with a great show, other times I am disappointed. It doesn’t matter, it was still worth it either way. Here is my account of the Siren festival, (sorry it technically was written on Sunday E)!

So, after the longest train ride known to man, we finally make it to Coney Island. FUCK. It was soo hot. And I was wearing a tank and shorts. Thank god I’m a girl, and can wear a very minimal amount of clothing during the summer. But, whatevs, after waiting around a while, we decided to head over to the main stage to see The Dodos. Sorry, no pictures of this event. I was too far back, and waay too short to even consider trying to get pictures. I want to say something about them, but I honestly can’t remember anything about their set other than it was scorching. This is going to become a running theme throughout the day. After this, my friends decided they wanted to go to the beach for a little bit. Because of this excursion I missed motherfucking Times New Viking. Thanks guys. Way to be good friends. Just kidding, but it’s ok, cause none of them read this. To amuse myself on the beach I took random pictures.

That guy in the white shirt on the right-ish was kinda hot. Hence the random photo. Sorry, it get's better after this, kay?

So finally, we headed back to the stage for Ra Ra Riot. Who were pretty good, though I'm pretty sure the lead singer was stoned the entire time (my friend disagrees with me, but he is wrong obvi). I'll give them a little free promotion here, and tell you their album is gonna be out on august 19th, if you care. Due to an act of what was, I believe god himself, a huge ass mothafucker in front of me actually moved! Allowing me to get these semi-decent shots for you guys. Don’t ever say that I don’t love you. The entire concert I was just thinking about how I was going to blog this experience to you. So sad, so true. This is the lead singer. Cute, if you're into hippie stoner boys. Oh, who am I kidding, I love me some hippie boys. This is a shitty photo, but I wanted you to see that awesome yellow guitar. Not gonna lie, it was pretty sweet.
Check out the cellist. She was hardcore man.

I personally found this girl's hair color amusing. It was a really bizarre red/pinkish color.
My friend made a fortune teller out of the free fan they gave us.

Blah, blah, blah, standing around blah, blah, blah. Now, you guys know who my favorite band of the day is gonna be, right? I talk about them a lot, so if you've been paying attention to me, this should be a no-brainer. Yes it's true, Islands FUCKING KILLED IT!! I mean I liked them before, I fucking love them now. Best band of the day, for sure.I have absolutely no complaints about you Islands, you were perfect. I wasn’t even that hot when I saw you cause we found a spot in the shade! Their stage presence was amazing too, as the lead singer came out with a garbage can over his head, and later proceeded to tell us that if we were too hot, we should just “take your pants off, cause that feels fucking awesome!”. Omgz, you guys, I can’t even properly convey just how much they rocked, other than to tell you that their show was like the best party I’ve been to in a long time. It was difficult to get pics, but here are the two I managed, both very blurry.
Holy shit, dude, you are amazing.
Check out those sah-weet shades. I loved them so much, I had to get a really crappy picture of them.

I was going to try for more pictures, but I was having too much fun dancing and whatnot. I plan on eventually ripping some from facebook once they are posted and putting them on my blog. Can you read this? It says, "Shoot the Freak". Which would make an awesome band name.
Wild Women and Wise Guys. Coney Island is just a wealth of potential band names. Go ahead and use this one if you want, Shoot the Freak is mine, though.

So finally, after a very long day it was time. Time for the main act, the star of the show. Broken Social Scene, in this case. Now, I wish there were words to explain just what this show was like. It was the worst clusterfuck you could ever imagine, as the scents of pot, body odor, sweat, and god knows what else mingled in the air. Fuck, it was terrible, not gonna lie. My friend and I made a valiant attempt to wade through this crowd, but it was totally pointless. I couldn't see the band at all, and was literally crammed into a space that made it impossible to move without hitting someone. We hightailed it out of there, and decided to go over to the walkway and just stand against the fence. Much better plan. Sure we had to contend with people constantly walking past us towards the beach, but I actually had the ability to move freely, so I was not complaining. Broken Social Scene was amazing, I mean it was a short set, but the energy and passion they brought made it special. If you've ever been to a concert of theirs, than you know how much fun the theraputic scream thing is. Cluster. Fuck.

Oh, I'm sorry, did you want like nice, clear, pictures of this event? Yeah, so did I. We can't always get what we want though, can we?

Finally the concert was over. It was a fun day. I was called an "indie kid" and a "new york hipster" on two different occasions. I don't think I'm either of those. Maybe I'm both. I returned to the city, to find the most freakishly empty train station ever. It was fucking creepy, dudes. And the subway ride just got creepier on the way home, when I was lucky enough to sit next to what I believe was an actual insane person. Like, he was totally crazy. I'm fairly certain that he could possibly be our crazy Tyra missbehave commenter (btw, has anyone seen Tyra recently?!). He started to talk to me about his day, and asked me if I liked his shorts. He apparently cut them himself, and wanted reassurance that they looked good. Also discussed (by him) was sweat, Interpol, free concerts, and ear piercing. Thank the lord that my new bff got off a stop before me, crazy dudes like him do not need to know where I live. I'm telling you though, I can draw the crazies in like no one else. Alright, I'm tired, it's like 1:40 right now and I need my energy for summerstage tomorrow, if I actually can find someone to go with me. Having no friends sucks sometimes.



Erika said...

I wish I could go! I lurve music too! That sounds crazy amazing and yet so eerily similar to my experience at last year's Warped Tour, even down to the dude on the train, only we didn't talk so much. Sounds like it was amazing though. Oh and I'm sooo on Tyra Watch 08. We will find her/him/them/it.
I'll totes take Wild Women & Wise Guys as a band name, and then WW&WG can duel it out against your StF in some kind of battle of the bands cage match ish. The winner gets complete custody of Zach Condon.

lolitahazed said...

I never complain
about ridin' a train.

I loves me some trains.
And making up songs.

Valentina said...

Aww Erika, I don't want to compete with you. Even if it is for Zach Condon. I think we should join forces and create a superband so awesome it can bever be beaten.

This sucks. No one is responding to me about summerstage. I don't know if I'll be able to go.

Erika said...

Okay, we'll form a superband and then kidnap Zach Condon. I'm sorry no one's responding to you - you know if I lived in NY I would be there in a heartbeat, but instead I'm just sitting in ATL watching Mad Men reruns. What if you just go by yourself? I mean, honestly I know that's a shitty option (cos that's what I always have to turn to), but at least you'll get to go. You know, the one thing my mom always told me was Don't let other people's limits become your limits. Maybe if you come up with a concrete schedule of where you wanna go and who you wanna see, someone will go. Sometimes people feel better about going somewhere when they know everything's not being played by ear, even if that is the funnest way to play things. Man V, when we are both in LA, you better believe you will never have this I have no to go with ish again, cos I am always down!

Valentina said...

oh gawd girl, I'm totes watching Mad Men reruns too! It's a pretty great show, I can't believe I haven't watched it till now.

I hate going by myself to ish like this. Plus I feel kind of shitty/sick. So I'll most likely not go. Lame I know, but whatever, I'll get over it. I'm so excited to get to LA, we're going to have like soo much fun.