Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dip. Lo. In. Rainbows.

Just kidding everybody! These are the pics from the Diplo set I peeped last Friday! Each will come with a crazy/funny/witty/oh she missed that joke/sarcastic caption! But these don't even do that show proper justice, espesh since there are no pictures of the Dark Meat set (since I didn't see it) and all the Diplo pics were taken by my (slightly tipsy) boyfriend. Oh well. You've got pictures, I've got memories, comme ci, comme ├ža.

This was Noot D'Noot. Those girls, E-Fec-Tiv, are so awesome. I ran into them in the ladies room and they were super cool.

The drunken hipsters started Whiryballing between sets. A lot of guys were playing but I think it was to watch the girls' chests when they leaned forward to steer their car. Pigs.

This guy was killing it with his outfit and his dance moves. He was shaking his groove thing right behind me. His friend was trying to hex us with his eyes.

Me, obvi. If you're super interested in my styling choice for the evening, I was wearing a navy/white striped tunic over a yellow cami with black leggings and yellow flats. Those cute pink earrings are from Forever 21 and they only cost me 3.80! For some reason, the pictures I've been taking lately look as if they were taken in 1988. Must figure out why!

And of course, the man of the evening. Diplo was looking like his usual cool/fine self. I think Dark Meat got to him pre-set and gave him the face/war paint.

My boyfriend got this really cool, ghoulish picture of Diplo. They kept turning off the lights and putting on the strobes. It was kind of sick.

The whole show was badass, ya'll. Badass. And if you missed the Missbehave fete, the pics of that are up too! Punch punch!



Valentina said...

Wow, that one dude is crazy amazing! I totes want him to be my new bff. That last Diplo pic is pretty sweet. He looks like some evil apparition or something.

Those missbehave pics made me sad, cause if I was just a few years older I could have seen the madness in person.

Mz.Sullivan said...

U looked supercute. U should've had a full body shot of your outfit. But maybe, since I was on my dash, I couldn't see anything. I love the pink earrings, I have some in black. Happy you enjoyed your self.

Sharlie said...

doesnt/didnt Diplo go out with MIA?
I love hot DJ's...

Erika said...

I don't know girl. But if he did, that would be awesome!
I love hot DJs too...too bad there aren't alot of them!

Mz.Sullivan said...

Hot DJs...i am about to slap someone right now(thats a good thing). My psuedo boo is a dj, and the one before that, who is a legendary dj in the Go, was a dj. Don't let them be dope either, I will be knocked up by just looking.

MACK said...

looks ahhhhmazinggg. (extra letters added indicate extra emphasis)

i cant wait to see diplo this weekend! im hoping that it's crazy as in, the crowd is insanely out of control and loud with bubbles and stuff. i'm totally bringing bubbles, thats genius. anyways lots of flicks shall be taken! maybe ill stalk santogold and get a picture with her! maybe kid sister will be there to support her man and i can take a picture of her nails! yeah!

Yeah. Slight office boredom. Can you tell?