Monday, July 14, 2008

Guesting it up: Boys and Girls

I am very bad with boys. This is the easiest way to say it. I have plenty of guy friends, but I do not know how to handle boys. Also most boys, spesh the ones who are my age, don’t go for me. My big sis/Dr. Phil once told me this was because I “intimidated” them. That apparently, I am so “pretty”, and “sophisticated” that some boys are scared to approach me. Fuck that. I’m pretty much the most un-intimidating person ever. I’m like 5’4, pale, skinny, and quite frequently look like a member of the living dead. My friends used to ask me if the heroin chic look I had going on was intentional or just genetics. I mean sure I talk a lot, (yesterday I lost my voice for two minutes. It was the most terrifying two minutes of my entire life) but just compliment me on my clothes and you’re pretty much my new best friend.

This whole thing was really brought home to me last night when I attended this meetup with my future college classmates. Now, I have no problem talking to boys. I just have a problem differentiating when a boy actually likes me, and what I do from there. For example, my friend and I were roaming around outside Whole Foods, discussing something amazingly funny and I notice a cute boy next to us. He’s probably about my age, and has a sa-weet tattoo on his wrist. Kay, whatevs, boys like this never like me, we keep walking. 3 minutes later this boy approaches me to ask if I’ve ever been to LaGuardia (the NYC high school, not the airport), cause he says I look really familiar. I say I haven’t, than we talk for a hot sec and I leave. My friend and I continue walking, at which point J. asks me why I didn’t give my number to him or something. (Um, cause he could be a total psycho, duh!) Ok so, like how am I supposed to react in situations like this? For real, I honestly have no idea. Christ, I hate dealing with boys when they decide to be all aloof and quiet. So far my most successful boyfriends have all been on the extremely loud/direct side. Ugh, I am so freaking bad with boys.

However, happily enough, the American Apparel skirt I wore to this event (go on my blog to read more) is magic. Never before in my life have I received so much attention from relatively normal boys (oh yeah did I mention that the only dudes who like me are usually batshit crazy?) I’m never taking it off. When it gets gross and old I’ll just go buy a new one, that is how much I love it.

Kay. I’m tired and depressed now. I’m gonna go watch some old Freaks and Geeks episodes to cheer myself up.

Valentina a.k.a. Little Miss Savage Sunshine


Erika said...

Girl, this was/is so me. I think I'm really lucky my current bf was the one who talked to me, cos I would have never been able to talk to him. Boys around our age (17-19) are kind of hard to master. They're like wandering, woman crazed puppies, like they just don't make sense to me. So in short, I have no advice to help you, because I was stuck in the dreaded just friends arena forever and I still don't know how I got out of it. It's all sort of a blur. But what you do know is what kind of guys you don't want, and thus you must put it out there to guys who you do want, that you are available and welcoming and girl, you have no idea how much I would love a Ben. He's perfect...

Valentina said...

Dude, I know, Ben is like unreasonably perfect. Finding a straight male best friend has replaced finding a gay male best friend in my life. JK, I already have a gay bestie! But this dude also wrote this really funny message to my friend/future college roomie to the effect that he and I are now best friends. Mission potentially accomplished.

MACK said...
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MACK said...

oh believe me Erika, boys in the 19-22 age group are equally confusing. Maybe it's us? Yeah, it's definitely us. I am 'unapproachable' also, people think I'm rude because when I'm out walking around, I have a permanent stank face. I don't even realize it half the time. And I tend to attract the completely WRONG guys, I have trouble letting guys know I'm into them (condemned to the just friends stage) and in the rare event that I DO find someone, some major complication ALWAYS exists.


Jtalk said...

I don't even bother with guys I learn from my friends mistakes.Plus I'm still in highschool and I have never seen a good highschool age realationship. Right now I'm just gonna enjoy looking at guys haha

Anonymous said...

him: "Your from LaGurdia-the high school?"
you: "Nooo"
h: "You look like this one girl I know from there"
y:"ahaha sorry thats not me..."
*continued conversation*
y:"your funny,Whats your name?"
h:"i'm ________"
y:"Let me give you my number so I'll be that girl you know from _____"

and SCENE:)

Lame ass skit I know, but semi-simple/corny right?

I figure regardless of you feeling
scared/awkward/thinking to hard
juss do it.
do something at least,
then you won't have to sit at
home watching a new showtime series
thinking it overrr and overrr and what you coulda-would-shoulda;)

easier said than done,right?

Erika said...

@Alex: girl, as someone who is dating a 23 yr old, believe me, I KNOW. They make little to no sense to me and everything is like, "'s good..." or "No! I can do it myself! I can do it better than you can! You're just a girl!" Men never mature, they just age.
@Jtalk: High School=single. Don't even bother. You're doing the right thing.

Valentina said...

omg, sharlie, that's so simple and yet so brilliant. I wish I could think on my feet like that in the moment. I usually think about these things 5 minutes later. But just wait till next time, I'll totes be prepared.