Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Guesting: Missbehave and Me

So I, like all of you fellow readers most likely, am an unabashed Missbehave addict. No, really, I mean it-- addict. Some people collect bugs or postcards or other weird stuff (okay, so I kinda collect postcards too, whatevz), but I collect Missbehave memorabilia. I have both of the shirts (but only one came free-- the Hellz Bellz shirt I bought off Karmaloop with some Xmas dough; they never sent me one for the nice gift I sent them, but forgive and forget, I say), and every issue... except for one. The pesky one that got away: Issue #3, the Bijou Phillips cover.
I remember seeing this issue on newsstands at Barnes & Noble. My sister and I were running errands early last year and I spotted it. I picked it up and read a little, kind of intimidated at first. I asked my sister, "Allie, should I get this?" She was all, "It sounds kinda slutty." I guess I didn't want to feel like a mag-slut or something, so, like an idiot, I put it down.
I would soon discover how wrong I was. I got my hands on Issue #4 with one of my favorite ladies, Mena Suvari, and I realized that this was the very, very first time I'd read every word of any magazine. Ever. I was hooked. A subscription was obtained, I kinda weedled #1 and #2 from Samantha over e-mail, and the rest was history.
But #3 eluded me. I was pretty sure Samantha didn't like me and I didn't want to ask for another free magazine. I told myself I would save it for college when I had a different address and make the request in a name that was different. I've been desperate, you see?
But a week ago, this changed. It was listed on eBay. I was praying there'd be a Buy It Now option, but alas, there was none. Today the auction ended. I was in an Internet fight with some guy (regardless of gender).
And we battled. This is how it felt.

It was an hour-long battle. But who came out strong?! That's right, ME!!

And I'm only... um... say... (don't judge, I was in it to win it) $50 broker?

Yes. I, "Sun Protection Factor" (initials, not comfortable with revealing my last name over a wireless connection, but just know that through my name, I'm pretty much human sunscreen), paid half a Benjamin for the final piece in my Missbehave collection. I kinda feel like a bad person. But at the same time... redeemed. With some guilt.

A late summer job is in store, that's for sure. So I'm forced to return to eBay with designer clothes I bought for $3 (flipping is the secret to everything), a little more broke, but gratified and happy that my collection is finally complete.

Y Sarah


Erika said...

That's pretty epic just to get issue number 3! I fell in love with MissB after I read the Lily Allen ish, but I couldn't afford to buy it at the time and just dismissed it but then I bought the third issue and realized I need 1&2 to complete my collection. How'd you get them? Is this Samantha the Samantha from MissB?

Lolita Hazed said...

It was hard. My connection almost died in the final seconds!
Yeah, I e-mailed her and asked very politely for them, she complied maybe to her dismay and I pretty much squeed when each came in the mail. Issue #2 came at a lucky time, there was no electricity and it was really cold. Missbehave made it all okay.

Valentina said...

Gawd girl, your dedication to missbehave is truly impressive! Personally, my new fav mag is He magazine. I read the 6th issue at work and now I must have the first five. Is is strange that I'm really only reading men's magazines right now? Whatever, male models are totally the new female models.

Lolita Hazed said...

No, I don't think it is at all-- I found this really incredible men's mag in Japan called Relax, which was about art, fashion, music... everything. I think you guys really would've dug it. They tried to do "Relax for Girls" but it lacked the je-ne-sais-quoi of the original. They went out of print in 2006 and issues are sold all over Tokyo for $10 minimum. Because of this, I did not buy one.

Mz.Sullivan said...

MissBehave sooo rocks! And so does its readers. We are some dope bitches.

MACK said...

i was a late MissBehave bloomer so, I have a ways to go to complete my collection. BUT I am on my way! I'm thinking about emailing Samantha and offering ransom type money for all the back issues I need at once. And as soon as I learn my new address, I'm subscribing. YAY for subscriptions and MB readers!