Friday, July 11, 2008

Diplo Tomorrow!! Punch Punch!!!

Normally I like to post show flyers and reminders the day of, for no real reason, just to let people who suffer with me in Atlanta to know there's something else they can do that night instead of putzing around in the Virginia-Highlands and getting drunk off PBR (though both have their merits). But this time, I gotta let the ATLiens know in advance what's going down tomorrow.

Diplo is coming! Dark Meat is supporting! NOOT D'FUCKINGNOOT is opening! That's right! Chunklet is back again, presenting us unworthy Atlantans with another show of spectacular proportions! If the idea of going bananas to the sounds of Diplo isn't enough to whoo you into coming, please let Noot D'Noot be it. The funkiest sounding band in Atlanta, Noot is fuhreaking amazing. I've seen them twice already and every time is a new, badass experience. Seriously. Srsly. Punch. Punch.

Come out to the Whirlyball tomorrow, get drunk on High Life, and then dance all night! Oh! And look out for me! I'll be wearing something bright and/or flashy. If you see a medium height black girl with a short bob and emerald eyeliner, or hear a sort of loud voice and/or weird laugh, you've found me! Say hai!

Tix can only be bought at Criminal Records and picked up in person. No orders, no exceptions.
$10 in advance/$12 DOS
Doors open at 9 pm
Show starts at 10 pm

Punch punch! Holla!



bite size labella said...

aww man that looks like super u know thts going to be awesome

Erika said...

I know! You can go! Tix are still available! Don't lose hope...!